BUSES The Maiden Newton Ring and Ride service (01305 228965), run by Dorset County Council's passenger services, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, will continue unless the number of passengers fall below 12 return journeys a week. The buses leave Maiden Newton Old School at 1000 and returns from Trinity Street at 1300. These buses also serve Cattistock on request. The Service costs 2.50 each way. Bookings must be made before 1500 the previous day.

Dorset Community Transport (01258 287980), a private company, also offer three services from Maiden Newton each week. To use any of these services you must register with the Company and then book your seat, and arrange your pick up point, before 1430 on the day before you want to travel. Each return fare is 5.

Wednesdays to Dorchester - The bus, from Broadwindsor to Dorchester, passes through Maiden Newton about 1005. The return service leaves Trinity Street at 1320. Book by 1430 on Tuesday and confirm your pick up point.

Thursdays to Yeovil

The bus leaves the Dorchester Road stop at 0932 and the War Memorial at 0934. The drop off point is close to M&S and the return service leaves from the same place at 1230. Book by 1430 on Wednesdays and confirm your pick up point. This service is under threat if there are not more users. Why not use this bus to do your Christmas shopping in Yeovil without the hassle of parking.

Fridays to Bridport

The bus leaves the War Memorial at 0915 and the return service leaves Bridport about 1230. Book by 1430 on Thursday and confirm your pick up point.

Bus time tables are available at the Corner Shop and at Cattistock Post Office.


TRAINS - The services from Maiden Newton until 31 December. Times are displayed at the Station and Timetables are available at No 64, the Newsagents.

To Dorchester and Weymouth

Monday to Friday 0759 1037 1139 1345 1647 1844 1944 2247

Saturdays Sundays 0759 1038 1141 1345 1647 1844 1944 2247 1018 1130 1529 1936 2244

To Yeovil, Westbury, Bath and Bristol

Monday to Friday 0558 0709 0918 1141 1347 1533 1754 2045

Saturdays Sundays  0709 0918 1143 1347 1533 1755 2046 1132 1430 1635 1821 2034

Advance notice of Engineering Works

Westbury Station will be closed from 23 December until 3 January for major track renewals. No trains will stop at Westbury. Services to/from Weymouth will continue to run without stopping at Westbury.


Rachel Clark (01300 320065) continues to take the bookings for help with transport to the surgery, hospital, dental, opticians appointments, or to visit close relatives or friends in hospital. Please try to give at least 48 hours notice.

We urgently need more drivers for this essential service. Can you spare some time to help? Please ring Sally on 01300 320969 to discuss what is needed and to apply.

Sally Falkingham Maiden Newton and Frome Valley Parish Councils Transport Representative