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Rubbish bins 2018 19Cattistock Village Library

As you may know, as part of Council cutbacks the mobile library service has now ceased. As not everyone can make the journey to the nearest library in Dorchester or Bridport we have used some of the books that have been donated to Cattistock to set up a village library service.

The library has been established in two locations: one part is in the village church and the other part is in Lucy’s Tea Room. Books are shared between the two locations, so that the library service is always available seven days a week and people wanting to borrow a book have the opportunity to visit the Church and the Tea Room to find the book they want.

Support for this initiative has been tremendous, with the Cattistock Village Fete donating 500 to buy the necessary shelving and the Church PCC and Lucy Campbell going out of their way to make the necessary space available in the Church and the Tea Room. We are very grateful to the Village Fete committee, the PCC members, Andy Hodder and Lucy for all the positive support they have given us from day one.

The books will continue to be sourced from the hundreds of books that are donated to village events every year. This does mean there will be fewer books to sell at the Village Fete and village Jumble sales for the coming year, but this is a small temporary price to pay in exchange for providing a library service for everyone in the village.

The basis of the way the library works is as follows:

  • The library includes fiction and non-fiction, including such subjects as gardening, cooking, history, biographies, novels and children’s books.

  • Anyone may borrow a book or two at any time but we do ask that the library is used responsibly and with consideration to others

  • The book can be borrowed for as long as needed.

  • We have provided a request sheet to enable users to request authors or book titles they are particularly looking out for.

Both locations of the library were opened on the 4th January.

If any reader wishes to know more about the library, or to donate some books, please contact Simon Goodall (320570) or Peter Farmer (320965)

The village library is for everyone, so please use it and enjoy it.



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